Potty Potions parties by Fab Science are perfect for young witches and wizards! Professor Fab (an actual witch) will visit your home or party venue and show you how to make colour-changing potions, levitation spells, expanding marshmallows, toothpaste for giants and magically inflating balloons. If you’re really lucky, you might even get to try your hand at Patronus training! With dry ice special effects and spells from Professor Fab’s magic book to make it a truly magical experience for Hogwarts fans.

You can ask your friends to don their robes (or come disguised as muggles) and have their wands at the ready. We don’t provide the decorations or food but we’re happy to share ideas from other potions parties that we’ve been to. We’ve seen amazing cakes such as this Golden Snitch by the very talented Caroline at Knebworth Cakes or you can make a very effective spell book from a simple rectangular cake. You might use a Marauder’s Map to hunt for the party bags or hide little Golden Snitches around the venue for guests to seek out while waiting for everyone to arrive. Lay out long tables for a feast in the Great Hall and use the sorting hat to work out the seating plan! Stock up on cut-price decorations after Halloween if you are planning a wizarding science party soon. We’ve collected some of our favourite ideas on our Harry Potter Pinterest board.

You’ll probably want to make some butterbeer; cream soda with a bit of vanilla ice cream to froth it up seems to be a popular recipe but you can make it any way you like. As long as you tell the guests it’s butterbeer…then it IS butterbeer! You can buy ‘genuine’ wizarding sweets such as every flavour beans and chocolate frogs online. However, it would only be a little cheat to use standard jelly beans and Freddos though! Make labels for jars, drinks or plates of food using the aptly named ‘Harry P’ font.

There are a million ideas for decorations, food, drink and games on Pinterest…but there’s only one Professor Fab! Contact us today for availability and a quote.

Mischief managed!

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