It’s World Book Day which means (if you’re not snowed in) that children across the country are going to school dressed up. Some schools go for traditional dress-up-as-your-favourite-character, which can lead to lively ‘debate’ about practically vs ideal costumes (Aliens Love Underpants anyone!). Some schools ask everyone to focus on the same author or book, we had an entire school of mini Where’s Wallys a few years ago, it made for some fab photos. Our school generally goes for the more obscure ‘dress as an adjective’ which really gets the children thinking. However your school chooses to celebrate it, World Book Day really does get families talking about books. So here are a few of our favourite science books for children…

See Inside Science (Usborne). We love this book! My sons had this from aged 5 and still find things in it that are interesting several years later. The other ‘See Inside’ books are also great. See Inside your Body is full of facts about poo and other gruesome stuff!

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World (Rachel Ignotofsky). A beautifully illustrated book about some amazing women, it includes the most famous as well as many you may not have heard of. It is possibly a bit too focussed on American scientists but an interesting read and easy to dip into.

This is Not a Science Book. Bringing science and art together in a doodle-friendly book, one to keep handy for rainy days. Most of it just needs the book and a pencil so good for keeping kids entertained while out and about, there are a few others that need templates copying and cutting out for when you fancy a bit more of project.

Whizz Pop Bang. While not actually a book, I can’t miss an opportunity to mention this fantastic magazine. My kids still fight over it every month and they love trying out the experiments. It’s a great balance of facts and activities, all presented in a fun and interesting way. It is subscription only at the moment but you don’t have to sign up long term. You even get an email before the magazine arrives giving you a kit list…just add a few bits to your weekly shop and your kitchen will be a science lab on Whizz Pop Bang day!

Happy reading!