Although the new guidance suggests that pretty much all Covid-safety measures can now be dropped, we have taken a cautious approach and have made a few temporary changes to keep our staff, children and families as safe as possible. Please read the following carefully and get in touch if you would like to discuss anything.


We will NOT be doing paper sign in sheets for registration. Please ensure that the emergency contact details on your Class4Kids account are up to date (and include whoever will be contactable on that day) as we will rely on those. Any extra messages, such as information on who is collecting your child etc, can be added to the ‘medical information’ box on your account page.

Parents will be encouraged to drop and go at the door. If you need to come in with your child for any reason, we would kindly ask that you wear a face covering if possible.

Drop off will be staggered, we would ask that children with surnames beginning A-M arrive between 9:50 and 10:00 and surnames N-Z arrive between 10:00 and 10:10. Don’t panic if you miss your slot, they will still be allowed in! We are just trying to minimise queuing. We may need to use a different entrance…please follow signs from the car park.

End of the day

Unfortunately we won’t be doing our ‘show and tell’ sessions this year but we will be bringing them back as soon as it is safe to do so!

Pick up will also be staggered: surnames A-M will be 2:50-3pm and N-Z will be 3pm-3:10. Again, no problem if you have to switch slots. You will be asked for the children’s names at the door and your child(ren) will be brought out to you.

What to bring

Please bring a packed lunch (NO NUTS), snacks and water bottle. We will not be providing our usual biscuits and squash at breaktime but we’re happy to refill water bottles as needed.

We will be going outside for some activities WHATEVER THE WEATHER so make sure your child has appropriate clothes for wet weather/hot weather/cold weather.

What to do if your child has Covid symptoms or needs to isolate for any reason.

Firstly, please let us know as soon as possible!

You will receive a credit to use for any other camp in 2022.

If your child (or anyone in your household) has any symptoms of Covid, they MUST NOT attend. We will be doing temperature checks on arrival and if any child shows any symptoms during the day, they will need to be collected as soon as possible.

How we are keeping everyone as safe as possible.

We have decided to keep children in smaller groups/bubbles as much as possible to minimise the numbers of contacts the children and staff have during the day. This will not impact the children’s enjoyment of the day and they probably won’t even notice!

Face coverings: some staff have chosen to continue to wear a mask, some have chosen not to (but will still wear one if needing to have close contact such as for providing first aid).

All staff and children will wash their hands before starting activities and at regular intervals during the day. We will also encourage the use of hand sanitiser when switching between activities.

All equipment is thoroughly cleaned/sanitised between groups.

All staff are undertaking lateral flow tests twice a week.

We have chosen themes that allow for plenty of outdoor activities and we will keep the indoor space as well ventilated as possible.

We have undertaken infection control training and added Covid precautions to our activity risk assessments.