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At Fab Science, we are passionate about engaging children in science from an early age. Our workshops are carefully designed by a qualified science teacher to boost science learning through practical, hands on experimenting and inspirational demonstrations. Every session is complimented by a classroom pack, offering teachers resources and ideas for follow-up work to maximise learning.

Theme days

Inspire several classes or even the whole school with a theme day.

You can include up to 5 workshops in a day, with up to 45 children in each group. You may prefer to start with an assembly for a larger group and then 3-4 smaller workshops. Please get in touch to discuss what we can do for your school.

Professor Ranade

Potty Potions: by far our most popular theme day, wizarding scientists will wow your children with potions and spells. This exciting introduction to chemistry includes colour-changing potions, magically inflating balloons, toothpaste for giants and a truly magical dry ice demonstration. Make it a Harry Potter Science Week by adding a day of broomstick-launching and levitation with a Hogwarts-themed version of Fantastic Forces. You could even include Care of Magical Creatures by arranging a visit from an owl-sanctuary! Suitable for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2.

DSCN3366Fantastic Forces: Lots of cool tricks with air pressure, gravity and inertia. See an egg disappear into a bottle and a tin be crushed by the air around it. Learn about flight and get the chance to launch rockets powered by air. Hogwarts-themed Fantastic Forces includes similar activities but with a little magic and broomstick-launching thrown in! Suitable for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2.


Fab Forensics: Create a crime scene in your school hall! Your young forensics scientists will need to investigate fingerprints, DNA, fibres, footprints and more to match the suspects to the clues. Suitable for Key Stage 2, don’t worry, we’ll make sure that they know it’s all make believe.

 Curriculum linked class workshops

Bring the curriculum to life with a workshop based on your current topic. These sessions are designed to enhance and support classroom teaching and each one comes with a Fab Science classroom pack, full of resources and ideas for further work. Each can be run as a half day or full day, or share the cost between two classes and do half a day each.

Key Stage 1:

Getting gooey with Oobleck


Marvellous Materials 1: extend pupils’ work on classifying materials with a look at smart materials, non-Newtonian fluids and polymers. Children investigate stretchiness and make their own slime.



Lower Key Stage 2:

Geology Rocks: use a range of tests to classify rock samples, make fossils and learn about the rock cycle using chocolate! This session can also include an environmental aspect with an investigation of acid rain.

Amazing Air: Children know that solids are solid and liquids flow but what do gases do? Find out how amazing air really is by using it to make things fly, float and sing. Pupils learn about the Bernoulli effect and air pressure through demonstrations and hands-on activities. A super-cool dry ice demonstration is an optional add-on that really brings gases to life.Skeleton Bob

Brilliant Bodies 1: A (very gooey) interactive demonstration of the journey of your lunch through the digestive system. Children get a chance to investigate enzymes and learn about how food is broken down. We look at food to start a discussion on balanced diet which can be extended in class.

Electrickery 1: Cover all the statutory requirements of Year 4 electricity by experimenting with components and constructing circuits. Children join hands to become a human circuit and use their new electrical knowledge to build burglar alarms and games. Finish off by making sparks fly with the Van de Graaff generator!


Upper Key Stage 2:

Marvellous Materials 2: This is where chemistry starts to get real! Use pipettes and test tubes to learn about chemical changes with a variety of weird and wonderful concoctions. We also look at smart materials and polymers and investigate how to make the best slime.

Blast Off!: Choose from rockets and parachutes (outdoors) or rocket-cars (inside or out) to learn about air resistance, friction and gravity. Children build the rockets, parachutes and cars from scratch, thinking about aerodynamics and power-to-weight ratios, then launch using compressed air.

Brilliant Bodies 2: Start off with a gooey ‘surgery’ interactive demonstration to find out about major organs of the human body. We’ll dissect real hearts and lungs, with a chance for children to see and touch the valves and blood vessels. Investigate lung capacity and heart rate and design a longer-term experiment to continue in class.

mad science fun with Van der GraaffElectrickery 2: An extended version of Electrickery 1, with more emphasis on investigating the effects of changes to circuits and using circuit diagrams. Build a quiz machine and try out the Van de Graaff generator.


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