A Fab Party for your mini-scientist!

Kids love Fab Science parties. Why? Because they are designed around them. Every party is planned by Fab Scientist (and qualified science teacher) Emma Ranade and only includes activities that have been tested and approved by kids. To make it into a Fab Science party an activity must be great fun, be hands-on and have the wow-factor.

casting spells

Each package is carefully tailored to include a range of experiments suitable for the numbers and ages of children, the venue and any special ideas that you may have. Most of our parties involve a mix of our favourite experiments but we can work around themes such as Potty Potions (Hogwart’s-themed chemistry for the Harry Potter fan), George’s Marvellous Medicine, rockets or anything else that you like! Contact us today to find out what we can do for your mini-scientist.

“The party was an absolute smash hit with the children!  They loved every minute
of their experiments (especially wearing the goggles and making colour-changing
potions) as you could tell from the enraptured expressions, huge grins and
absolute attention.  It was a great choice of themed party.”  Philippa, Bishop’s Stortford

Who can come to a Fab Science party?
Girls and boys are equally fascinated by our experiments, most of our parties tend to be mixed groups. The ideal age range is 5 – 11, younger siblings are always welcome to join in but may need a little help from a grown-up. When you contact us to book your party we will need an idea of the kids’ ages to plan suitable activities.

A Fab Science party lab in your living room!

Where can I have my party?
Any venue with access to electricity and a sink can be a Fab Science Party Lab. Your home, the village hall, the Scout Hut … you book it and we will be there! We just need room for a table (or we can use yours) and space for the kids to gather round. If we have access to an outdoor area we can include some of our messier experiments and even rocket launches but we have a great range of activities for any space. Contact us to discuss what we can do in your venue.

How much does a Fab Science Party cost?
The standard 1 hour party costs £180. This can be in any venue and include up to 15 children. Larger parties are run by two Fab Scientists and cost an extra £50. We have a great range of activities included in the standard party price but we can do special requests such as dry ice for an extra charge. Contact us to discuss pricing if you would like a longer party or a special theme. Mileage will be charged for venues more than 20 miles from Bishop’s Stortford.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the party.  We have had so many
lovely comments from parents who said their kids came home saying it was the
best party they had ever been to.  His friends were all talking about the
party in school on Monday.” Jo, Bishop’s Stortford

What do you provide?
From the invitations to the experiments to the party bags at the end, we can do it all! When you book a party we will email Fab Science Party invitations (absolutely free!) for you to print at home. All of the materials for the experiments are included in the party price and we bring tables (or a cover for yours). Complete your Fab Science fun with our party bags. Each one contains ideas on experiments to do at home and a selection of science themed gifts and sweets. The exact contents vary depending on the theme of the party and the ages of the children but are always fab! We’ll bring them along to the party and they will be left open so you can add the cake. Party bags are priced at £4.50 each and are only available with party bookings. We will even refund any that don’t get used.

What will happen at my party?Jamie's party
While we’re waiting for everyone to arrive, you can keep busy with some Fab Science activity sheets and sort out name badges so we know who’s who. Once everyone is ready, we’ll start experimenting. The exact activities will depend on which theme you have chosen, how much space we have and the age-range at the party. There will be a mix of demonstrations, whole-group experiments and team activities, with lots of opportunity for everyone to get stuck in. Fab Scientists love answering your questions and want to make you as excited about science as they are! Then it’s time for the party food (we don’t make the sandwiches, sorry!).

Can grown-ups stay at the party?
Yes! In fact, there will need to be at least one responsible adult present. Our Fab Scientists are great at engaging, encouraging and entertaining kids but do not take overall responsibility for their care at parties.

fizzy fountains

Fizzy fountains (an outdoor experiment!)

Will it be messy?
Only if you want it to be! We have a great range of experiments to choose from, some messy, many not. Any messy stuff will be taken away when we’re finished. When you contact us to book your party we will discuss your exact requirements.


Are the activities safe?
All of our experiments are specifically chosen to be kid-safe. We use child-friendly materials and have safety goggles for rocket launches and volcanic ‘eruptions’. Although we don’t use anything toxic, we do make sure that children know that they mustn’t eat anything in the ‘lab’ (neat baking powder does not taste nice!).

“Dear Emma, thank you so much for running a Fab Science party for my 6-year old son recently – he said it was the BEST PARTY EVER!. It is a credit to you that the children didn’t even want to stop for the party food, and us adults enjoyed it equally as much. Highly recommended.” Olga, Bishop’s Stortford