All holiday club booking has now moved to Kidz Central.

If you are having trouble using Kidz Central, please do let us know so that we can try to resolve any issues. If you cannot book on Kidz Central, you can use the form below to reserve a place. We’ll get back to you shortly with availability and payment information. Please note that places are not confirmed until payment is received (instant confirmation is given on Kidz Central).

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*We like to take photos during the day to record the fun. Any photos we take may be used in promotional material, both online and printed. Just click ‘no’ if you would rather we didn’t include your child in any pictures.

Terms and conditions:

  1. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to provide a packed lunch and suitable clothing (ie, clothes that you don’t mind getting  messy). We do not take responsibility for any valuables.
  2. Any child whose behaviour risks harm to themselves or others, or spoils the enjoyment of other children would be asked to sit out and do ‘quiet’ activities. Parents would be informed in this case and no refunds given.
  3. By submitting the booking form you give consent for emergency first aid to be given by persons trained to do so.
  4. No refunds are available for cancellation by you, transferring a place to another child is allowed (the child must be within the age range and a new booking form must be completed BEFORE the event).
  5. It is responsibility of the parent/carer to inform Fab Science or any allergies or medical conditions and to provide asthma inhalers or epipens as necessary. Children who have been prescribed an inhaler or epipen will not be admitted without it. 
  6. We cannot accept children into our holiday clubs who are unwell. or who have been sick within the last 48 hours. If a child becomes unwell during the day, they will need to be collected as soon as possible. Our staff cannot administer any medicines (with the exception of asthma inhalers and epipens).
  7. You accept our full terms and conditions which can be found by clicking here.